The Chicago Bulls failed to score even, They Played 5-VS-4

The Chicago Bulls failed to score even, They Played 5-VS-4

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Sequence very weird during the game between the Chicago Bulls and the Dallas Mavericks last night: the Texans found themselves at four against five. But the bulls did not know how to take advantage of it.

The Dallas Mavericks are ready for anything. Obviously even to play four. The Chicago Bulls are also ready for anything. Obviously even to miss with a player on the field. more seriously, the meeting between two of the many dunces of the league offered us a very strange situation. Everything started with a misunderstanding. Dennis Smith Jr thought he was replaced so he left the field to join the bench. But no one had returned to his place. Then the Texans defended at four against five bulls.

When the Chicago Bulls is playing five against four:

The Mavericks rookie rider then rushed to the floor when he saw that his team was outnumbered. But too late. Illegal change and therefore a technical fault. On the other hand, no impact for Dallas. Because the Bulls – and especially Denzel Valentine – got completely lost on this one. The young winger missed the open three-pointer before missing the throw. But no consequences either for Chicago. The Bulls ended up winning the match anyway.

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