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The King of Fighters XIV is getting more DLC than just Oswald and Heidern. SNK reported today that the fan challenge victor will land in the battling game one month from now. Named Najd, the character wears a conventional Saudi outfit called an Abaya and is an understudy.

The King of Fighters XIV Najd Bio:

Najd is a peaceful individual dressed in an Abaya (customary Saudi article of clothing) with uncommon forces. Around evening time, she puts on her Abaya and transforms into a vigilante to secure her kindred subjects. As opposed to her strange appearance, she is an understudy amid the day.

The King of Fighters XIV Najd Trailer:

More Info About The King of Fighters XIV

Free matches can be made for group and solo battles, yet they additionally house a one of a kind fight compose called Party Vs. This mode is a group coordinate that has six unique individuals contending without a moment’s delay. That implies every individual control one of the characters in the match, and it’s similar to playing a ball game online with genuine partners. I discover the possibility of this mode to be super intriguing, and I can hardly wait to see real groups conformed to this idea. It’s fun, crisp, and a savvy expansion to the class (regardless of whether I found that it can be hard to get six individuals together).

The King of Fighters XIV is a completely included battling game. Regardless it has a feeling that its great forerunners, however, it has been updated in some essential zones to feel like a cutting-edge take. Its program is both a festival of the arrangement that additionally means this is another progression forward. I’m eager to see KoF back in the spotlight, and I want to see SNK keep expanding on this awesome portion.

The King of Fighters XIV Is available now.


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