The Last Guardian Awards Trailer as Announced by Sony

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The Japan Media Arts Festival as of late occurred, and The Last Guardian ended up winning the amazing prize in the Entertainment division. To praise this achievement, Sony put out a delightful trailer. They’re likewise marking down the game by 20% carefully on the Japanese PlayStation Store!

Watch The Last Guardian’s Awards Trailer Below:

What Anthony Severino had Said About The Last Guardian:

At the point when the trip arrives at an end, you’ll wind up in stun, inwardly depleted, and thankful The Last Guardian remained being developed this long and still made it discharge. The whole game’s pace is great. The trouble and test are high and totally dependent on how attentive and explorative the player is. Each area of the game is stunningly lovely – a genuine show-stopper. The gameplay is unadulterated flawlessness (aside for some cumbersome controls). The thematic utilization of the kid and the brute’s relationship and how it applies to the gameplay, the world, and the riddles are completely splendor. The peak is a genuine tragedy, while not going for the conspicuous and giving a positive, inspiring conclusion. On the off chance that there was ever a game that was meriting the word ‘consummate,’ The Last Guardian is it.

In an industry where each engineer packs in the same number of new highlights, the same number of modes, alternatives, and arrangements, The Last Guardian has no overhauls, no leveling, no extra guide packs, no RPG components – it is a relatively single ordeal, between just a kid, a brute, and the huge world around them, yet it surpasses about everything else. Computer games as a market may request the Call of Duty’s of the world to move units and put a focus on the business through buildup and showcasing buzz, yet video games as a medium merits The Last Guardian.

The Game is available now for PlayStation 4.


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