Tony Parker Thinks he had more pressure to bear than L.Ball

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Tony Parker explained why he felt he had to endure more pressure than Lonzo Ball during his rookie year.

The Spurs welcome the Lakers next night. It will be the opportunity for Tony Parker to fight with one of the most prominent rookies of the season, Lonzo Ball. The opportunity for the French leader to discuss the pressure related to the hype surrounding the young leader Angeleno since its debut on the NBA. A situation that he believes is not comparable since the Texas franchise was among the main candidates for the supreme title at the arrival of ‘TP’ among professionals.

“When I arrive, we tried to win a title. And it’s a lot of daily pressure to try to be consistent and powerful, “explained the Spurs veteran.

Quickly propelled into the five major of one of the league’s most ambitious franchises, Tony Parker also pointed out how he had to redouble his efforts to match players of the caliber of David Robinson or Tim Duncan.”

“I had the pressure evolving with” Five-Oh “(David Robinson) and Timmy (Duncan),” recalls the quadruple NBA champion.

“The rookies of Los Angeles and New York have the pressure because they have to be good players. But I think the pressure to win a title is more important. “

In his first NBA season, Tony Parker will play 72 games in the lead for 9.2 points, 4.3 assists, and 1.2 steals. Eliminated by the Lakers in conference semifinals, the Spurs will take their revenge a year later before winning the trophy Larry O’Brien in the finals against the Nets. What to immediately put in the bath of the highest level while Lonzo Ball will certainly have to be patient before seeing his team again play the leading roles and become a serious contender for the supreme title …

Tony Parker’s rookie stats:

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