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Check out Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Trailer

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Yakuza 5 didn’t precisely end on a high note for Kiryu. Did he almost bite the dust from wounds, as well as his criminal ties ended up completing the icon profession of Haruka? Yakuza 6 chiefly happens quite a long while later after Kiryu comes back from yet another jail term just to discover Haruka missing from Sunshine Orphanage. This prompts the startling disclosure that she not exclusively is right now in a trance-like a state subsequent to being hit by an auto, yet in addition as of late birthed a youngster.

Other than those stunning disclosures, the opening hours of Yakuza 6 are pretty chill. Saying this doesn’t imply that there aren’t a few clench hands traded between Japanese criminals, however, generally, Kiryu is simply endeavoring to deal with his grandson. It’s near as though the game is a single parent test system for a bit. Players should buy infant nourishment and ensure the tyke isn’t disturbed while strolling around the city by utilizing the DualShock 4 to shake the child to rest. Goodness and Kiryu even discover some an opportunity to play baseball at the neighborhood field, since that is the thing that a cool father does.

Things, in the end, get to the typical Yakuza toll of hoodlums, passings (and kid there is a considerable measure of passings in this game!), and an intrigue with its own particular wanders aimlessly to understand. So, things generally don’t get excessively insane. Not at all like Yakuza 5, which had players battling bears, breaking out of jail, and turning into an icon, the story here is significantly more grounded actually. There are a couple of occurrences where players will go, “What are the odds that would happen?” however it’s for the most part a trustworthy wrongdoing dramatization. The arrangement has constantly known when to be not kidding, and I’m happy it treated Kiryu’s last part with the regard it merited.

Check out Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Trailer Below:

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