DESTINY 2: All the details of the 2.0.0 update
DESTINY 2: All the details of the 2.0.0 update

DESTINY 2: All the details of the 2.0.0 update

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DESTINY 2: All the details of the 2.0.0 update

Bungie takes advantage of the maintenance to deploy the update 2.0.0 for Destiny 2 on Tuesday, August 28. Many new features are expected, such as modifications for the weapon location system or for Xûr. If all goes well, the maintenance will end around 23 hours.

Expect 36 GB of free space on PC and about 35 GB on PS4 and Xbox One to install the files of the update:

Find below the official description of the patch-notes:

1. Player characters

  • The doctrines screen has been updated in preparation for Renegades

2. Weapons and armor
Exotic armor

Orpheus combination

  • No longer gives Super energy in case of an explosion or shared damage.
  • Increase the base amount of Super obtained when you chain enemies to make the experience more consistent and less exponential.
  • The obtained Super energy is adjusted according to the power of the chained enemies.
  • When you use Moebius Quiver, you get extra leash shots.
  • You do not get capacity energy by chaining targets

Night Ranger

  • You now get 33% of your Super energy when the target is eliminated by shooting.

Crown of the Worm Scale

  • No longer regenerate health and shield.
  • Instead, give a Health and Shield bonus at the beginning of the dodge and no longer at the end.

Deregulated radar

  • Improved radar resolution in squat position.

Lucky pants

  • Increased the duration of the case modified illegally.

Oath of Shinobu

  • Ricochet Grenade gives a little energy when it causes damage to an enemy.


  • The deer
  • The rift released in the event of death has a duration equivalent to normal rifts.
  • Eye of another world
  • Increased capacity reload bonus.
  • Sin of Nezarec
  • Increased duration of Abyssal Extractors.
  • Fast kicks increase the duration up to 20 seconds.
  • Skull of Ahamkara’s despair
  • Increase in Super energy conferred by the nova Bomb frags.
  • Eliminating powerful enemies confers more Super energy.
  • Not transverse
  • Improved mobility
  • After a few sprints, your equipped weapon is automatically reloaded.
  • Ruse of winter
  • Adjustment of damage accumulation and duration to be more consistent.


  • Mk. 44 Get away
  • The overshoe conferred by the sprint appears faster.
  • Heart of sanctified flames
  • Reduced recovery time when the Super is not loaded in addition to the existing one
  • when the Super is charged.
  • Helmet of Saint-14
  • Gives the allies an overshoot for a short time across the Aurora Rampart.
  • Silencer mask
  • Increased energy gain from damage.
  • When you are in critical condition, you recover health by doing frags.
  • Alpha Lupi crest
  • Improvement of the efficiency of the radius of care.
  • Peace Protectors
  • Increased the speed of movement using a submachine gun.
  • Caress of the divine worm
  • Adjustment of damage accumulation and duration to be more consistent.


  • Main ammunition weapons and special ammunition weapons may exist in kinetic and energetic locations.
  • Powerful ammunition weapons exist only in the powerful location.
  • Ammo type and weapon damage type are now fixed attributes.
  • The distribution model has been fully updated to reflect these changes.
  • Energy weapons no longer do bonus damage to enemies with Super Active.

Ammunition management

  • Main ammunition weapons
  • Revolvers
  • Scout Rifles
  • Automatic rifles
  • Impulse Rifles
  • guns
  • Machine pistols

Special ammunition weapons

  • Fusion rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Precision rifle
  • Spearguns
  • One-shot grenade launcher

Heavy ammunition weapons

  • Drum grenade launcher
  • Rocket launcher
  • Linear fusion rifles
  • swords

The following Year 1 weapons were moved to the kinetic location

  • Baligant
  • Shepherd’s watch
  • Hawthorne proven shotgun
  • Alone as a god
  • Perfect paradox
  • Iced Jackal
  • Silicone neuroma

The following Year 1 weapons become sun damage weapons only

  • ICÉLOS_FP_v1.0.1
  • ICÉLOS_FÀP_V1.0.1

The following exotic weapons do not change locations and still use heavy ammo

  • Tractor barrel
  • The Legend of Acrius
  • D.A.R.C.I.
  • Whispering Worm

Main ammunition weapons

  • Increase the accuracy of the damage done by the main ammunition weapons
  • Increased accuracy while being in the air
  • Reduced damage to the body in PvE
  • Reduced automatic rifle damage to stagger the enemy to compensate for reduced damage to the body

Special ammunition weapons

  • Reductions in damage caused by special ammunition weapons
  • Increased Damage from Ray Rifles
  • Ray Rifles Disintegrate Defeated Enemies

DESTINY 2: All the details of the 2.0.0 update

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