DESTINY 2 – Update 2.0.0: A long maintenance this Tuesday August 28th

DESTINY 2: All the details of the 2.0.0 update
DESTINY 2: All the details of the 2.0.0 update

Destiny 2 prepares the arrival of Renegades with the 2.0.0 update and maintenance this Tuesday, August 28, 2018.

Update August 28:
The 2.0.0 update and its patch-notes are now available, all the details in this article.

Original article:
In order to prepare for the release of Renegades and the beginning of season 4, Bungie plans a long maintenance of Destiny 2 servers on Tuesday, August 28, 2018. On this occasion, players will be invited to download the 2.0.0 update which will contain many changes:

  • Changes for Xur, weapons and Doctrine abilities
  • Changes to the weapon location system
  • The disappearance of the chips
  • Novelties for Black Night, assaults, adventures and meditations
  • Exploits and challenges updated
  • Updated celestial card
  • Grouped removal of coatings
  • 200 additional slots in the trunk
  • Some weapons will move to Kinetic

Destiny 2 – Update 2.0.0: Maintenance August 28, 2018

Destiny 2 - Update 2.0.0: Maintenance
Destiny 2 – Update 2.0.0: Maintenance
  • 18:30 – Players will no longer be able to connect to Destiny 2
  • 18:45 – Destiny 2 servers will be offline for maintenance and players will be returned to the home screen (end of Solos Heroes)
  • 19:00 – Update 2.0.0 will be available for download on all platforms
  • 23:00 – This is the end of maintenance, at battle!
    Note that between Tuesday, August 28 and the release of Renegades September 4, Destiny 2 will be in a transition phase and players will experience some inconvenience.



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