Today, THQ Nordic has licensed Kingdoms of Amalur

Today, THQ Nordic has licensed Kingdoms of Amalur
Today, THQ Nordic has licensed Kingdoms of Amalur

Released in 2012, The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was to be the first episode of an ambitious franchise that would have declined in particular in a huge MMORPG.

It was the dream of Curt Schilling, a former professional baseball player and founder of 38 Studios, before the economic reality caught up with his small business to put an end to it.

Six years later, THQ collector Nordic announces that it has acquired the Kingdoms of Amalur license. The agreement also includes the work on Copernicus, the codename of the abandoned MMORPG that was to expand the universe set in the first game. This action-RPG implied the authors RA Salvatore (The Forgotten Realms), Todd McFarlane ( Spawn) and veteran Bethesda Game Studios Ken Rolston, chief designer on Oblivion.

Very concise in its announcement, THQ Nordic has not yet issued any particular commitment concerning the development of a remaster and even less of a new episode based on this intellectual property published at the time by Electronic Arts.



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