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Once again there is a new sale on the PlayStation Store and once again the PlayStation Blog / PlayStation Store have screwed up somewhere. According to the PlayStation Blog there are sales for Games under €20 or Games under €10, but the actual store has sales for Games Under £13 or Games Under £4, with different games listed. It does appear that all the sales are running at once, god knows why or for how long.

There are no listings for the Games Under £13 or Games Under £4 sales but you can find them here and here. There’s also the Days of Play Sale and the Totally Digital Sale, in fact you would be hard pushed to find a game that’s not in sale on the PlayStation Store at the moment, there appears to be at least nine deals and offers on.

On to the new sale then which, according to the PlayStation Blog, offers a discount of up to 70% on some top games. I thought I would check, you know, just in case they had a rare screw up, and the first title I clicked on, Alekhine’s Gun, has 78% off, not 70%.

Here are the games with discounts of up to 78%, quite possibly even more.

According to the blog this week’s Deal of the Week is for ARK: Survival Evolved , although if you look at the Store the deal of the week is for Dragon Ball Fighterz, both seem to be valid. Go figure.

Now on to the game Games under €20 sale.

And finally, the Games under €10 bargains.

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