Halo Co-Creator Reveals New FPS Game Disintegration

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One of the co-creators of Halo, Marcus Lehto, has shown the first glimpse of his next game, a sci-fi first-person shooter known as Disintegration. The game is being developed by V1 Interactive, Lehto’s studio that he established after leaving Bungie. The teaser trailer for the game is short and shows various shots of a futuristic vehicle clad with weaponry.

The full reveal of Disintegration will come at Gamescom on August 19 as part of Opening Night Live. The game has been kept well under wraps by V1 Interactive, with the developer showing a screenshot of one of the game’s environments back in December 2018 and various hints that the game would be a first-person shooter and have explore sci-fi themes.

Lehto, the founder of V1 Interactive and the game director on Disintegration, served as the art director at Bungie on the first Halo games. He was integral to the design of the Master Chief and many of the icons of the franchise, including the Warthog vehicle. Lehto also served as the creative director for Halo: Reach.

When Bungie transitioned away from Halo to Destiny, Lehto stayed on at Bungie for a short time working on a different project at the developer before moving onto found his own company. Lehto is joined by many veteran developers at V1 Interactive, including many who share credits on the Halo games. The game is being published by Private Division, who is also publishing Obsidian Entertainment’s Outer Worlds.

Based on what Lehto and other developers have shared on Twitter about playtesting the game now known as Disintegration, it sounds like the game will have a competitive multiplayer component. But the full scope of the game should come more into focus in August during Gamescom.

Disintegration has yet to receive a release date.

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