Nintendo Switch Lite vs. Switch: Games, Size, Specs, Price, and More

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After months of rumors and speculation, Nintendo finally confirmed the handheld-only Switch, which we now know as Nintendo Switch Lite. The Nintendo Switch Lite offers a comparatively low-cost alternative to the Switch, giving gamers the chance to jump into the Switch’s library of critically-acclaimed games without breaking the bank.

Some may be torn between buying a regular Switch or the Switch Lite, and may want to compare the two before making a decision. Besides the fact that the Switch Lite cannot be docked and output video to a TV like a standard Switch, there are some other differences to keep in mind as well.

Here are all the major differences between the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite in terms of size, specs, price, and more.

Switch Lite Controllers

switch lite pokemon sword and shield gameplay

The Nintendo Switch Lite has built-in controllers instead of utilizing the removable Joy Cons that are used with the standard Switch. However, Joy Cons are still compatible with the Switch Lite. Buying two Joy-Cons will drive up the Switch Lite’s price to $280, though, which is just $20 shy of the cost of a standard Switch console.

Switch Lite Games

nintendo switch vs switch lite comparison

For the most part, the Nintendo Switch Lite will play all of the games that are available for the Nintendo Switch. However, there are some exceptions to the rule.

These are the games that won’t work on the Switch Lite out of the box:

  • 1-2 Switch
  • Fitness Boxing
  • Just Dance
  • Labo VR
  • Nintendo Labo
  • Super Mario Party

All of those games, with the exception of the Labo, are technically playable on Switch Lite if players purchase separate Joy-Con controllers. The reason the games aren’t compatible out of the gate is that they require detached Joy-Cons for motion control gameplay.

Another game that could potentially have problems on the Switch Lite is Super Mario Odyssey, as the game uses the Joy Cons’ HD rumble feature to help players find certain moons. It’s unclear if there will be some kind of workaround that will make these sections of the game still doable.

Switch Lite Price

nintendo switch vs switch lite comparison

One of the most important differences between the Switch and Switch Lite is the price of the consoles. The Nintendo Switch is priced at $299, whereas the Switch Lite is priced at $199, a whole $100 cheaper. For the budget-minded gamer, the Switch Lite’s low price point could very well be what convinces them to pick it up over a standard Switch console.

Switch Lite Size

switch vs switch lite comparison

One of the defining characteristics of the Nintendo Switch Lite is its smaller size compared to the standard Switch. The Switch Lite is 3.6″ high, 8.2″ long, and .55″ deep. The standard Switch is 4″ high, 9.4″ long, and .55″ deep when players have Joy-Cons connected to the sides of it. The screen size of the Switch Lite is 5.5″, whereas the Switch has a screen size of 6.2″.

Switch Lite Specs

switch vs switch lite comparison

Overall, the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite have similar technical specifications and will deliver roughly the same performance. However, there are some key differences. For example, the Switch Lite has a longer battery life than the Switch, but it only displays games at a maximum of 720p resolution.

Nintendo Switch Specs

  • RAM – 4GB
  • CPU – Custom Tegra Processor
  • GPU – Custom Nvidia Tegra Processor
  • Storage – 32GB Internal Memory + Micro SD Card support
  • Battery Life – 2.5-6.5 Hours Depending on Game
  • Video Output – 1080p docked, 720p handheld

Nintendo Switch Lite Specs

  • RAM – TBA
  • CPU – Custom Tegra Processor
  • GPU – Custom Nvidia Tegra Processor
  • Storage – 32GB Internal Memory + Micro SD Card support
  • Battery Life – 3-7 hours
  • Video Output – 720p

Nintendo Switch Lite will launch on September 20, 2019 for $199.

Source: GameSpot, IGN

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